Our Negatives

About Our Negatives

The hundreds of original 8" x 10" negatives have been scanned one by one with professional Heidelberg Scanners, preserving even the most minute of detail in these high resolution, high digital files. This means that our prints can be blown up to 10 feet long (50" x 120") if desired with no problem, or even larger. 
Unlike the most expensive full frame cameras of today, where a raw image may be 30-50 megabytes maximum, our 8" x 10" negatives are many times larger in size, and when enlarged dramatically, they hold their detail.  Naturally, when you think that a professional full frame DSLR camera's sensor is the same size as that of the traditional 35mm film, measuring 36mm x 24mm.  Whereas an 8" x 10" image measures a whopping 203mm x 254mm.  In laymans terms, the 8" x 10" is sixty (60) times the size of a professional DSLR full frame camera.   So, for example,  to print a 16" x 20" print from a huge 8" x 10" professionally scanned negative requires 2x (200%) enlargement and no loss of critical detail.   On the other hand, to produce a 16" x 20" print from that of a full frame (35mm x 24mm), you need to enlarge it 14x (1400%) and invariably the image is likely to get softer.  Naturally this softening gets far worse when you're printing extra large prints from full frame cameras.  
When you're starting with an 8" x 10" negative, needless to say, you can go high and wide and still the detail is supurb.  We're printing on demand so each print is meticulously handled with care and attention to detail. Guaranteed